We started operations in 1999 in São Paulo, Brazil with the purpose of exclusively distributing the products of American Scent Hygiene to Latin and North America. This multinational company offers a wide range of products for hygiene and cleaning environments.
Its main products are odor neutralizing devices, automatic litter bins, soap dishes, professional mats and cleaning accessories, and is today a world leader in the area of ​​room odorization.

In Brazil, we strictly follow the standards established by the headquarters regarding the operation and after-sales assistance to customers. The company’s philosophy is to sell solutions to customers, not products. In this way, absolutely all of its customers have their devices registered on our computers and are tracked in terms of consumption, dates, fragrances, incidents, maintenance and cleaning. Periodically, the entire customer portfolio is visited by our team of installer technicians, all direct employees of the company.

This service, this oriental philosophy of work, associated with the high technology applied to the products, directs the company towards a niche market made up of demanding customers who value problem solving as much as the quality of the product they are purchasing.

Our mission is to serve with quality and transform the less noble areas of a building into a pleasant and pleasant area.